Investing in Infrastructure

Of B.C.’s major taxpayer-supported infrastructure projects in the capital plan, there’s more than $6.5 billion worth of work going on in communities across B.C. The construction of these schools, roads, health facilities, post-secondary institutions and other investments support over 30,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction.

$4.7 billion of investment in transportation infrastructure, including:

  • Four-laning 3.4 km of Highway 16 to the west of Prince George.
  • Four-laning 6.3 km of Highway 1 to the west of Salmon Arm.
  • Six laning 4.5 km of Highway 97 in Kelowna
  • A new interchange on Highway 1 at the intersection of Admirals Rd and McKenzie Ave in Victoria.
  • Four-laning 5km of Highway 1 through the Malahat village
  • An interchange on Highway 1 at 216th St in Langley and six-laning of the highway between 202nd and the new interchange
  • A new 7th lane on the Alex Fraser Bridge, including a new interchange on Highway 91 at 72nd Ave
  • Okanagan valley corridor program
  • Cariboo connector program

K-12 education — $740 million over three years, including:

  • $320 million over three years in interim funding pending the conclusion of a final agreement with the BC Teachers’ Federation on class size and composition.
  • $228 million to fund enrolment growth across the fiscal plan period.
  • $54 million to eliminate bus fees for regular students and mitigate rural school closures.
  • $29 million for supplies and resources that reduce costs for parents and help teachers deliver B.C.’s new curriculum.

Communities and economic development:

  • $40 million to extend rural broadband service.
  • $6 million to continue the Buy Local program to support B.C. agriculture.
  • $10 million for the Island Coastal Economic Trust for economic initiatives.
  • $6 million for three new international trade offices in Southeast Asia.
  • $50 million for local government infrastructure projects under Building Canada and the Clean Water Wastewater Fund.
  • $15 million for a new community gaming grants capital program.
  • $12 million for maintain provincial highways to appropriate standards.
  • $23 million for the Guns and Gangs strategy and community safety.
  • $87 million for an enhanced technology strategy, with details to be announced at the BC Tech Summit, March 2017.

Parks and environmental protection:

  • $36 million for the Parks Future Strategy.
  • $18 million for mines permitting and oversight.
  • $9 million for Environmental Management Act compliance and enforcement.
  • $27 million for the caribou recovery program.
  • $9 million for enhanced reforestation work.
  • $40 million for the Clean Energy Vehicle program.

Read the full B.C. Budget 2017 here